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Thread: A little movie I made with my class

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    Default A little movie I made with my class

    I had to make a little movie (10 minutes max) with my class for a school project

    Used programs: adobe audition, adobe premiere, adobe after effects and 3D studio max

    comments are welcome!


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    What a terrific little film! I'm very impressed!

    A lot of work has gone into this video and it one of the best "school" films we've had here, but...

    The sound is terrible!

    Thevoice-over and dialogue is impossible to understand. Sometimes it's because the background music is too loud but mostly it's because the original sound was badly recorded. It means that we don't know what the story is!

    On the positive side, the effects were well done and you obviously put a lot of work into it. As English isn't your first language I think you should be proud of yourselves!

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    First of all thank you for taking the time to watch my movie!

    yes the sound and the english is bad we know... but we only have 2 hours english a week (and my enlglish is one of the better)

    the sound is crap because we used my camera mic. the entire movie is recorded with my Panasonic GS300. and as bluescreen we used big blue bedsheets and as lights we used the lights of the gym.

    thank you for your comment Guru!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pierre15987 View Post
    I had to make a little movie (10 minutes max) with my class for a school project


    Used programs: adobe audition, adobe premiere, adobe after effects and 3D studio max

    comments are welcome!

    I assume you made the light sabers with max, am I correct? If so, how? My friend is learning max and wanted to learn how to make light sabres. I have been doing it in blender for a while ( ) and my friend wants to help with some of my vfx.

    Also, did you use a tracking program for the light sabers? If so, what? Did you just individually key the light sabers? And how did you make it appear like the light saber was behind somebody?

    And for some constructive criticism, the chroma key stinks. You should work a little harder on that bluescreen of yours. You might want to make the explosions from the guns a little better, by adding explosions out of the barrel. Also, for that little portal thing, you might want to add a reflective material and subsurf it a bit. It looks really low-poly and just like the default material.

    Overall, great, it was a great movie, especially for it just to be a class project.

    How long did it take you to do this?

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    etharooni, All lightsabers are made in After Effects, the blasters also...
    I used Ryan W. 's tutorial. you can find it here =

    I'm not sure about the one I used ...

    I did not use a tracking program for the lightsabers but a lot of keyframing
    3 minutes lightsaber, 25 frames/s, do the math yourself

    When the lightsaber was behind someone (and there was no piece of the lightsaber that you could see) we took the mask and keyframed it out of the screen (in After Effects) (or you can switch the opacity from 100% to 0 in 2 frames)
    It's very simple when you work with "fake lightsabers" to fight like we did because you only need to overlay the fake sabers when you see them... if you see nothing of the sabers, you don't need anything to keyframe... when you see a little piece of the saber, you put a mask over the little piece...

    sorry for my crappy english

    thank you for your comment!

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    We started thinking about the story in August en the movie was finished in november.

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    Nice film! I am trying to make one too

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