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    Ok I am new all the way with this.... First of all, all I am wanting to do is take a vhs tape and transfer it to a dvd+r. I am not interested in the fading effects and transitions or whatever else, I just want to take an entire 1 hour vhs tape and transfer it to dvd, btw I did watch the guieded tour that came with pinnacle, and it made to sense to me. Well here goes, I connected the Dazzle to my vcr, to my computer, transfered the movie to my computer, selected all the movie clips, went under the sound tab selected my sound and added it to the first clip, which by the way, at the very end of the movie when the movie is done the sound starts over again then it stops, so Ijust added some black clips there, which I am not worried about, but here is the problem, when I click on "create smart movie" in the first box at the top left where it states music video style which I don't know what style to put in there, it is a exercising tape, and I tried fast past music video which again I state i don't know what to check I just want to copy the whole exercise vhs and transfer to dvd, and I am not for sure what to put in that box. also, i have tried checked and unchecked use clips in random order, and when I click on create smart movie, and when it is done all the clips are out of their correct order, there is transition effects that I didn't want on each clip!!! I don't want any transition effects, or any special effects, I just want to transfer this stupid vhs to dvd!! is there just a quick simple way with this software to transfer to dvd without all the hoopla??, and then after the movie is created what do I do from there? I need a very easy step by step beginners guide to just transfer a vhs to dvd....SOMEONE please help me this is driving me nuts!

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    You can capture directly in MPEG-2 and then go to Make Disc -> DVD.

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