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Thread: Good shotgun mic for around $300USD - outdoor use

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    Default Good shotgun mic for around $300USD - outdoor use

    Hi guys, I'm looking into getting a shotgun mic for a Panasonic GS400. I need to have clear audio when doing outdoor shooting if there is traffic/birds/etc around.

    Don't really want to go over the $300USD mark.

    How exactly are most shotties connected to a consumer camcorder? The GS400 only has jack input, not XLR. Does this mean I'd have to carry around some sort of powered audio receiver? Portability is a huge concern, as most of the time the crew is only me and some actors. Though if I have a decent mic then I can arrange for a boom operator.

    I realize the Sennheisers are popular, though I'm not sure which model would be appropriate for what I'm after.

    Thanks for any feedback,

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    In your situation I would go for the Sennheiser system (although it's over your $300) with a K6 module and ME66 capsule. The advantage of this is that the K6 module can be powered by a standard AA battery, so your camcorder's lack of phantom power isn't a problem.

    You can find these as a complete kit for $450 or thereabouts. I know that it's a lot more than your $300 but it really is worth it.

    If you really can't go to this price then I suggest having a look at the Audio Technica AT897 at $249. The AT897 can also operate on an AA battery or phantom power.

    You can pick up an XLR to mini-jack cable for a few dollars. Oh, and it's definately worth having a boom operator!
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