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Thread: Linking Video with New Audio

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    The source video I have use audio that becomes distorted in Adobe Premiere Pro 2. I used another program to convert the audio.

    Is there a way in Premiere Pro 2 to link the old video with the new audio? I already have the entire project finished and don't wish to redo all the editing.

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    Line up your clips and click to select 1 of them, then hold down the shift key and select the other.

    With both selected right click either and click on link in the pop up menu.
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    That is not what I meant.

    I meant using the Link Media feature and in the Project Manager to select seperate video and audio inputs.

    For example, I have the entire project done already but would simply like to replace the source clips used with a seperate video and audio.

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    Not familiar with doing this so just thinking out loud but...

    Isn't there some sort of 'edit original' feature to open the clip in Audition to edit the sound. Maybe you could use that to 'edit' you original and save it back as your AVI file - effectively replafcign the origional with a corrected version. Next time you open up the project it'll pick up th ecorrected version. Or at least it will once you convince Premiere it need to re-render because it won;t know you editted one of the source files elsewhere.

    Alternatively doi the same thing by 'editting' the original in a different sequence, fixing the audio, and export it back out and replace the original with the new.

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    Meh I have several hundred clips - was hoping for a faster way ah well.

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