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    Default video not playing

    i must have clicked something. and now all but two tracks are highlighted in black. and...they don't play. as in...the content in those tracks won't "play" when they're supposed to. please help.

    [edit] silly me, i had the exclamation marked checked xD i guess that only makes the video and audio tracks play huh? (first time doing some serious editing with vegas )
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    the exclamation mark "solos" those tracks so only tracks where the "!" is highlighted will play.

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    heh, thanks! yeah, vegas really reminds me of photoshop what with all the tracks being layers and the exclamation or the "busters" as the "eye"

    [edit] btw, your vids are pretty sick! you did them all with vegas?
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    cheers - they all done with vegas and after effects

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