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    First video editing job for me. I didn't have any real footage so most of it is just effects with a borrowed cloud scene (yes, I intend to return it when I'm done ). The effects were done with particleIllusion and the video was rendered in Premiere 6.5 and Pinnacle Studios 8.5.

    Video Link Here (~9MB wmv format)

    Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

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    Very impressive titles and music. Perhaps a bit one paced (not surprising considering the subject constraints).

    Clearly some good technical effort though.

    Keep up the good work.

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    Hulk meets John the Baptist...

    Ive seen the light.


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    LOL - does this mean we'll be seing a new "flava" in your next vid

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    Quote Originally Posted by purejammy
    Perhaps a bit one paced (not surprising considering the subject constraints).
    Yeah, I was trying to push the envelope, but not too hard. I'm going to be working on another one...but with a different tone (a little merrier, i think).

    I pretty much have free reign when making these (to an extent obviously), so if you have any comments/suggestions as far as different styles, I'd like to hear them.

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