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Thread: "Volume Full" message in Premiere Pro2

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    Default "Volume Full" message in Premiere Pro2

    Is it a Premiere Pro. 2 problem, that when burning a DVD (around more than 2 hours of video) that, of course after selecting the best DVD encoding preset to maximize the disc, and although it says "Ready", it will give me a message "Volume Full" after hours of encoding. It's quite annoying! and a waste of time. Can someone tell me how to avoid this problem?

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    Sounds like Encore's project disk sp[ace usage estimate is a littel out (in the wrong direction) sadly.

    Just thinking out loud here but you could of course lower the bitrate a bit to compensate in your encoding (presumably you have AVI files rather than MPEG2).

    Or you could wriote the disk image to a folder rather than burn to disk and then if it proves too bifg for your media then pass it through DVDShrink to make it fit.

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    look for the automatic setting which I believe encodes the video to a bitrate that will allow it to fit.

    If you look in the encoder settings there are templates, and the 4000vbr template with Mpeg audio at 192kbps should get you 2hrs on a disc easy.
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