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    Heard about this a couple of weeks back on a Spurs site (no comments please... we were so lucky today against the Gooners!). Been collecting the codes from the empties I hadn't bothered recycing yet and entering them on the site. I'm not a huge Bud drinker, but there are some good deals on it down my local supermarket (no names!), so been buying in bulk (got to make the most of this good weather!).

    Not won or bought anything yet though (you can buy stuff with points you amass)... Maxim party sounds good, but I've got my eyes on the Mustang!! Now that would be a sight to behold, going over all the speed humps round here!
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    Here's some of the latest Bud ads. Not seen them on tv here yet, but then I have a rotten portable with a dodgy indoor aerial, so am lucky if I get to see much at all!

    [video=youtube;bhzFWQv1hGA]"]Look after your Bud[/URL] and [URL="[/video]

    The Mission Impossible one is quite good too, but I don't have the link to hand.

    I so hate Sundays... the weekend's just flown by

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