Both have the OIS (optical stabilization)
The GS85 is a 32x opt with 1 CCD.
The GS320 is a 10x opt but has 3CCD lenses.

I understand that overall 3CCD is better than 1CCD, but will I really see a difference? Zoom is important and it seems when testing these 2 in the stores, the 10x is very poor in the zoom category.
I have been told to avoid using any digital zoom, but to get close to the GS85 32x range, that going to the 25x digital mode in the GS320 did not seem all that bad- but then again hard to say unless viewed on a TV.

How is either one in low light conditions?

I will be using the camera mostly outdoors on trips, so yes color & image is important, but then so is the zoom .

I have a LG Slim fit 32" CRT TV with HDMI and I do have some Hi Def channels thru my Cable co.

Thanks for any AND all input.