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Thread: Problem buring a VCD using Nero

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    Default Problem buring a VCD using Nero

    Hi, I am new to creating VCDs. I am trying make a VCD out of an MPEG1 file which is about 688MB. The CD-R I am using is 700MB 48x. EVerything goes fine and I add the file and hit burn. It starts burning and completes the process. When I re-insert the created CD into the CD drive and try to open it using file explorer, all I see is the fixed folders CDI, EXT etc. that showed up when I was adding the file to the tracks. I can not see my mpeg1 file that I supoosedly burned. I checked all those folders and its not there. I check the properties of the CD and it shows only as having 150MB, even though my file was 688MB.
    Can anyone help me figure this one out. I follwoed all the steps described in the guide on this web page religously but everytime its the same result. I have wasted 7 CDs and still nothing. PLEASE HELP.

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    Ok, the file stucture seems fine. The actual video itself will be in the form AVSEQXX.DAT under the MPEGAV folder. Have a look for that. You can play the DAT file in Media Player as you would any other file.

    However, the file size sounds like a problem. Try buring at a lower speed and/or with different media.
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