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    How do you split a clip (both video and music) into two or more clips with Sony Vegas Movie Studio? An example would be on Windows Movie Maker if you stop in the middle of the clip you have an option to split the clip or take a picture on the lower right side of the preview screen. Can you do this with vegas? Right now, I have to do basic editing on windows movie maker and then import to vegas for advance editing; which is tiresome.

    I really need this feature because it helps me with transitions, grading certain clips and etc.

    P.S Please don't tell me to use the trimmer, it's not what it's for.

    Thanks! Help teh n00b please!

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    Put your mouse at the point you want to split and press the S key. (If you check the sticky thread "Looking For Vegas Answers", that and a few other simple answers are in there)

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