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Thread: Audio slows down...for no reason!

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    Default Audio slows down...for no reason!

    I've had problems with Premiere 6.0 before, but this takes the cake.

    I'm editing a monologue, and occasionally, traffic passes by in the background. This can usually be eliminated with the handy Highpass audio option, which gets rid of the low rumble.

    I've used it before with footage from this very tape. It works. Everything's fine., when I alter a clip's audio in any way, the audio in clips on either side of it inexplicably SLOW DOWN, while the video remains untouched!

    To be clear, I'm not doing anything to the clips before or after this one clip's audio. They just change on their own. Even more bizarre, the effect starts and ends halfway through the clips before and after main clip, as if Adobe is just randomly changing the sound a few seconds here and there.

    I don't even know how to slow down or speed up the sound if I wanted to, and since the other clips aren't "officially" affected, there's nothing to unselect or uncheck. It's like the effect -- a random, slowing effect, not the effect of Highpass -- has just bled all around the audio clips.

    I've searched the web for a few hours and I'm completely stumped. Does anyone have any idea why this would happen, and how to undo it?

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    No one?

    No thoughts? Maybe a little sympathy?

    Has anyone experienced anything like this before? It's just this one project; projects before this have worked one fine, and one I trepidatiously started a few days has no sound problems, either. Same DV tapes, same everything.

    I went to this forum so I wouldn't feel alone. But now I feel more alone than ever.

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    OK, so I use premier pro v2 and not Premiere v6 but I never do any audio editting or effects in Premiere. In my (tainted) eyese premire is for video and Audition is for Audio. i.e use the right tool for the right job.

    If it's anything other than a quick and simple test I always extract audio and edit/tweak it in a seperate app (in my case Adobe Audition) and then put it back on the timeline after that.

    Do you have this option?

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    No, I capture it all together, edit it all together and render it all together. It's easier and faster that way, and all this stuff was recorded with a good-quality rented boom mic, so there was no reason to think that sound wasn't fine.

    The only problem is some traffic noise from our supposedly soundproof greenscreen studio, which can easily be removed by a highpass at around 200 Hz.

    Slowed-down audio while the video remains the same is something I've never experienced. I wish there was just some way I could undo it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flying Saucer View Post
    I went to this forum so I wouldn't feel alone. But now I feel more alone than ever.
    You can allways get a dog

    As a premiere user I also never experienced something like this, maybe a way to get around this is to cut the clip into smaller pieces so premiere has to apply the audio correction to several smaller clips instead of on on large clip.

    It could be that your version of premiere gets confused when applying the filter, you could also try what Alan suggested, export your audio and import it into the free Audicity for audio correction and after that take it into your premiere project again.

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    I posted this problem on another that site (that will remain nameless) and someone finally suggested a solution that worked.

    I simply opened a blank project and imported the problem project into it. When I applied filters, the same mysterious green bar appeared for ten seconds on either side of the affected clip, but the clip played fine. And no project before or since has had this problem.

    So, to anyone else who has this problem: Try importing your project into a blank project, or into a project you know to be fine.

    Thanks, everyone, for your help.

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