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Thread: program keeps closing

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    Default program keeps closing

    A month ago I installed Pinnacle8... managed to upload my first movie and edit it, but when I want to burn it the program starts rendering and then closes every time. In frustration I let it sit a while (hoping for a miracle?) tried again two days ago and again today.... the movie is saved in temp, but no matter what I try I can't burn it to DVD, the program keeps closing.
    I have a celeron 2.8O ghz and 1gig Ram

    I'd really appreciate any help
    Thank you

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    Try the "free" windows moviemaker instead, pinnacle studio has a very bad reputation in regard to stability.

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    I have movie maker..... first version installed... second version waiting
    but it doesn't do the things I need... I have family in the US and Germany and like to be able to save in PAL and NTSC, playable on regular DVD players as my dad doesn't own a computer.
    Can movie maker 2 do this?
    By the way..... I'm in Australia..... so that's PAL too.


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