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Thread: Possible ram problem

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    Default Possible ram problem

    A while ago I got a new motherboard and processor, The motherboard says ddr400 (there are no jumpers to adjust this), and the processor needs ddr400. I was told I could run my ddr333 ram on it.

    I did for a few months with no problems and knowing that I needed extra ram anyway. The other day I replaced it with ddr400 ram.

    Before I changed, I ran a ram check on Linux to find my ddr333 ram was running at 327Mhz. No worries, I know that they just make the ram and check it before deciding what to sell it as.

    Now when I checked my new ddr400 ram, it says it's running at 167Mhz.

    I got a program called Aida32 to check out my system. under the motherboard properties it gives me the information that the front side bus has both a 200Mhz real clock and effective clock.

    It says the Memory bus properties has a real clock of 167Mhz and an effective clock of 333Mhz and if I over-clock my processor this raises a bit. The bandwidth is 2667 MB/s if that makes a difference?

    I don't really know much about this stuff, could anyone explain if this is correctable to me? If any more info is need that I can get from Aida I can get it.


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