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    Just a general wanderingment about how you would you go about getting smooth slow motion? (After effects is to blame for this latest slow mo craze)

    My guess is..

    You need a camera with a high fps capability. Are these available to buy retail or are they specific to high end users. Im not looking for latest film special effects (well, Im allways striving for it, but on a budget, and thinking realistically)so are there any mini dv cameras that will perform this function.

    Otherwise is there any software which will force the smoothness out somehow.

    I realisae this is a wierd topic but its the way my mind is working at the moment!

    Any replies or further wanderings are gratefully appreciated.

    AMD XP 2000+
    1GB RAM
    NVidia GeForce 4 Ti 4600
    120 GB Hard Drive (Pretty much full due to video editing, ahhh)
    DVD Writer 4x

    Win XP, Premiere 6.0, After Effects 6.0, Encore DVD 1.0

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    DV cameras all shoot at the same FPS (50-pal,60 NTSC) this as yet cannot be changed. You can adjust the shutter speed on DV cameras but htis has no bearing when getting slowmo shots apart from reducing any blur caused by motion.

    When using editing software to slow your footage down it actually repeats frames to get the slo-mo look which is why it can appear jerky, the slower you make the footage the worse this is.

    A way around this when using premier is to get a plug-in called Twixtor from Reelsmart or to use a compositing package like AE? or Combustion which will create tweened frames rather then just repeating frames which gives better results.


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