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    I'm trying to add titles to my premiere 6.2 edit. I've no problem adding them over a sea/ sunset background clip. However, they do not look good, the lettering looks out of focus and broken as if it wasn't keying properly. Doubtless one of you knows the answer to this, I'd be very grateful for your ideas please.

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    Premiere 6.2??? Wasn't aware of such a version. no matter.

    OK, now I haven't done any extensive titling as yet but from what I've picked up around these forums is, the titler that comes with premiere is, quite simply, not rated that highly. It does a job but that's about it.

    I gather that many people build titles elsewhere and import them.

    I, for example, tend to build any static titles in Photoshop and import them with the alpha channel in tact.

    Anoher possibility would be Adobe Illustrator whcih is not a rasterised tool and so you'll get clean edges no matter what the zoom factor.

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    Bonjour Millsy from a sunny Paris, where our brand new airport has just collapsed.... What can one say except that they didnít seem to have this problem in the 800`s when starting the great Cathedrals. Even the Parthenon seems in better shape, and it was built by Greeks.

    Yes, 6.2 was the last Premiere up grade.

    Thanks for your reply, it confirms my suspicions, I have used Photoshop for constructing still frame backed captions and the difference in quality is profound. Iíve had one brief go at using TitleDeco but that didnít impress me either. Both TitleDeco and the built in premiere titler seem soft and liable to break up. Anyone with advice on this or recommendations as to a really good titling program would be very welcome

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