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    Hi peeps

    I am using the above software package, but I am not quite sure if I am doing things right.

    You have three options capture, edit and paint. I have used the capture option and set it to capture 15mins continous footage, abit like in pinnacle studio. After the footage was captured I went into the edit option.

    I found I was not able to set in and out points properly, i was unable to highlight the exact secs and minutes I wanted to use.

    also when I put the entire 15min clip into the timeline the clip played extremly fast, it was over in 10 secs. Am I doing something wrong, do I have to capture the scenes I want to use more precise and to the second. Am I able to capture big chunks of footage and pick the bits I want to use later like in pinnacle studio. Please help

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    What medium are your using to capture? What happens when you import video captured from Pinnacle Studio? Does the video captured in Media Studio play fine in Media Player?

    Questions, questions, questions
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    I have not imported video from pinnacle, but I am able to capture from my DV camcorder. So far I have only set it to capture 2 x 15min video. I thought I would then be able to pull the bits I want to use from that as I then go along building my story.

    I decided to try and insert an entire 15min scene into the timeline and then I pressed preview, the scene played in about 10 secs flat, I have the timeline view set on seconds.

    In pinnacle when you press capture you are are allowed set capture to a maximum of 17 minutes continous video, but once captured the program automactically breaks it down into a number of thumbnail scenes of various lengths where you can pick a piece to edit or trim before putting it into your timeline.

    I think I need a dummies guide or just some guidance.

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    Hmm, try and play the captured video in Media Player to isolate Media Studio. If it plays fine, it's clearly a problem with Media Studio.
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    You can use the "split by scene" function in MSP to segment your video during capture.
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    so generally it does not matter whether I capture 2min clips at a time or 15min clips generally this should not alter the speed of things.

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    Yep. It should be able to handle any length of clip. What's ur PC specs?
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    550 mhz
    10g HD and a 120g HD
    512m ram

    the funny thing is I chose one of those video clips that comes with the package, it was a film reel unwinding I thought great for an intro, that play fine for 17 secs or so, all at the right speed in the preview mode. It looked fine to on the timeline, you know all in proportion. But my clip looks like a 10sec clip even though I know I captured around 15mins

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    A couple of things worth trying here.

    Firstly breaking the 15 minute clip into useable chunks to place on the time line. The best way to do this is in the Video Editor is to,

    1. Place the 15 minute clips in the Production Library. To do this,

    a. Make sure the production library is in view (View menu > Toolbars & Panels ... > Check 'Production Library')

    b. Click the Production Library window and select 'Media Library'

    c. Optional, but I find it a good idea to create a new folder. To do this Right Click the 'Media Library' folder and select 'Create'. Name your folder appropriately.

    d. Now click the 'Import Video File' button to locate your 15 minute clips. Your clips (or more correctly 'shortcuts' to them are now in the Production Library.

    2. To break the 15 minute clips down into useable clips that you can use again and again do the following,

    a. In the Production Library, double click your desired clip. This will now open in the 'Source Window'

    b. In the 'Source Window' drag the start and end trim bars to mark your scene as required. (Or press play and simply press F3 to set the mark in point and F4 to set the mark out point ... or use the Jog Dial for precision)

    c. Anyway once you have your desired scene simply click and drag from the 'Source Window' to the 'Production Library'

    d. Repeat steps a and b as often as you like.

    e. To post the clips to the timeline all you have to do is click and drag the appropriate clip from the Production Library to the timeline.

    Having said all that, the next time you capture, you may wish trying to use the Capture Tool 'Smart Capture' option, which effectively does all the scene detection for you. Let me know if you nee a guide on this.

    As for the preview window playing for only 10 seconds, it is worth checking the following,

    1. I recall that the default capture time for video is 10 seconds. You haven't accidentally forgotten to change this by any chance? If you have then the clip will only be 10 seconds long and show as such on the timeline.

    2. Have you accidentally set a mark in and mark out time of 10 seconds on the video clip?

    3. Have you accidentally played a preview range (of 10 seconds) instead of the full video clip?

    Post back and let me know. The good news is that I am not aware of any substantive bugs in Media Studio Pro (been using it for years), so we will get to the bottom of this.

    Meantime I hope this helps.

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    I was writing up my previous post and didn't notice yours and Marcs last couple of posts.

    Long shot, but I noticed you are on a 550Mhz processor.Your project settings are DV AVI right? Your processor would struggle woth MPEG2 playback.

    Don;t worry though, I am only on a 700Mhz processor myself. Whilst this a a bit of a pain for rendering, it does cope (of a fashion) with MPEG2.

    Lots of things to try yet.

    Let me know how you get on with the previous post.


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