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    who here is biased towards digital or biased towards film, simply for me its digital cause im 17 and havent gotten a chance to use film yet, but im going to film school next year where ill be checking out film. but since i use digital ive come to find that it has tons and tons of endless advantages over

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    Film is very much a kudos medium. It's cool to say that you work in film and most wanabees will praise film to the heavens.

    In 2003 I made three documentaries in super 16mm film, last year I made the same sort of things for the same production company in HDCam. I know which one I prefer (and it ain't Kodak!). Film is dying.

    Just be carefull who you say it to, geeks and semi-pros can get all dreamy and romantic when they spout off about film (usually they've exposed a few rolls of 16mm and consider themselves "cinematographers" because they're trying to create an impression) when in fact digi is now at a level which knocks 16mm off the pedestal.

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    i have never used film but i would stick with dv any day... its easy to transfer and work with

    from what i have read you need to be very well trained and have a pocket full of money. for me the major problem with film is it can only be used once and converting it to dv can be quite expencive.

    if you need a cine 35mm look there are many adapters out there which look quite good, they may be expencive but you would save a ton on cost of film and stuff.

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    I love the instant replay of digital. I can tell if i've "nailed that shot" within minutes of shooting it. No need to wait for developing to view my "dailies".

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