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Thread: How to add a counter to video to count recurring events

  1. Question How to add a counter to video to count recurring events

    Is there a counter plugin that can be activated by adding keyframes?

    I don't want to have to insert a thousand text blocks with sequentially increasing numbers to count a recurring event. The event is not regular, so the text will have to be placed appropriately to match the video.

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    Never heard of one.

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    can someone suggest an easy way to add a counter?

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    Possibly not a real solution but might offer an alternative train of thought but...

    Premiere Pro (v2) has the ability to parameterise a template title and then automatically build all required instances of it - kind of like a 'mail merge' function. Is that type of route open to you at all?


    maybe you could take a video clip of numbers counting (if you have one) and key frame it's speed (i.e. as a series of pauses)

    Not my app so apologies if these thoughts are of no help.

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    That's what I need. How do I keyframe the pauses?

    Is there an easy way to make a video of numbers counting? Or maybe one online that I could use?

    It would be nice if the numbered video had keyframes for every number change, so when I import it into vegas I have the keyframes ready to adjust.

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    I decided to make the counter video, then add the keyframes by tappint the key that adds it. (Didn't open vegas to check which one).

    Once the video is made, how do I adjust the spacing between the keyframes so that the numbers appear at the right place in the video?

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    There are probably VEG files to there with counters already made, have a hunt round

    I have had to make a 24 count down clock before , I made it in sections hours, Min's and seconds and then dropped the projects into the master one and trimming as required.

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