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    spent weeks editing dv down to 108 mins, added titles, music, transitions, dvd menu. When i go to make movie, will go all right for awhile, then i get a message, seek error 35:31:15. How do i overcome this ?. Is this the time from the timeline or from the relevant tape?
    Any help appreciated.

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    If found this

    Once I had the clip edited to my liking, I created an MPEGvideo file that can be played on a PC. In Pinnacle, I did thisby selecting the Make Movie tab and clicked the CreateMPEG file button. Since I had captured in preview mode,I needed to have the DV Recorder hooked up so thatPinnacle could go back and recapture the video clip.Occasionally, the tape would run beyond the last bit ofrecording, and I would get a seek error. The first time thishappened, I thought “Oh, No!”. Turns out I just needed torewind the tape until a time counter appears. From thatpoint on, Pinnacle took over and rewound to the correctpart of the tape.Note: This step takes some time: Pinnacle first rerecordsthe segment and then converts it to an MPEG.


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