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    Default DVD Capturing

    Im having some issues when I capture a DVD to my camcorder, how it goes is as follows

    Im sent a promo dvd, which needs some editing, so to get it on my computer I connect my Panosonic PVGS70 to my dvd player VIA red white yellow RCA cables, then press record on my camcorder and press play on the dvd, once finished, I connect my camcorder to my PC via firewire and capture what i recorded.
    Here is where the problem comes in, I started noticing some gaps on both sides of the screen, as well as on the bottom, id say less then half an inch each side, and more or less the same on the bottom, but on the ORIGINAL dvd this is not happening. im attaching some images so you can get a better view of what im talking about.
    Does anyone know why when i capture the dvd on a miniDV tape this happens?

    Are there any easier ways of getting a non copyright DVD onto my computer so i can edit it?

    Here are the examples!

    ALSO: notice sometimes the gap changes in the 2 pictures... which is very odd to me

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    Im coming back to this because im having the same issue this time its a little different

    I have about 10 Sony DVCAM tapes PDV-184N that need to be captured to my computer

    I have the SONY DSR-45 to read the tapes. This is plugged in to my computer via Firewire, and when viewing the tapes, I see those SAME GAPS and im completely lost, I have no idea why its not fitting the original 720x480 Size.

    Can anyone PLEASE help, I only have this unit to capture for another 2-3 days

    Thanks everyone!
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