Nature video is about content, not framing, lighting or other nit picky details.
you will miss too many shots fiddling and by not going out on less than perfect days.

Shoot almost anything wildlife or otherwise, even if it does not have much potential.
Nature will surprise you. You will capture some pretty goofy moments. I have.

Remove the lens cap at the beginning of the day. Too many good opportunities
are missed because of it. Like way way too many.

Get used to aiming your camera by looking over the top. Just like you would
a shotgun. Makes it easier to follow a moving target. Even butterflies.

When you camera is not tied to your neck or arm. Put it in it's case. You will
be less likely to damage it.

Don't buy a camera that is so expensive you won't risk it. Otherwise leave it at home.

Permissions: Can you get in legal trouble by videoing others? Forget asking!
Did the guy that shot the Rodney King video ask? Did the guy that shot the
JFK Dallas video ask? The "YellowHead speaks 1993" video ask. No NO and Maybe.

Background music can add to the enjoyment. Carry along your favourite tunes.
My best video this year was a close up of a Ruffed Grouse. He marched by in
time with the tune on the radio. It was perfect. What a bird!

My default setting for the recording light is on. Letting people and animals
know when I'm shooting.

At political forums etc the record indicator, has a strange effect on the
crowd. They know you are shooting. I often do a quick early scan of the group
just to get the apprehension out of the way.

Know where your camera is at all times. You might need to grab it and go.

Experiment lots and train your eye, for spotting the ACTION.

If I was doing video of hockey. I would want the cameraman on the ice.
Of a theater production I want on the stage to video.

Have a good MultiMedia player. I have the BEST bar none.

With short clips and computer timeline playback, you can eliminate editing
spending more time videoing. Much less video clutter as well. Work hard at
not editing. Rerendering / editing results in loss of resolution.

TimeLine playback OK Video editing NO
Video editing introduces complexity. Complexity BAD!

Break all the old video rules you can. Those that won't break, use.

I am sure there are many many more good video tips out ther