Keep the camera on automatic. Get to know how it reacts in various conditions.

When moving the camera do not use any zoom. In a vehicle creeping along, zoom is OK.

When moving and videoing; bend at the waist and extend the camera in front,
this helps eliminate the up and down movement from walking / running.

Do some commentary. Dubbing in later is just not the same.

Cup your hands around the camcorder in cold weather.

Bend at the waist and hold the camera under your chest during rain, snow
or when plowing through heavy bush.

Have an extra battery or two. Keeping the camera turned on and ready to shoot.
Mine is a mini DVD I have 4 rewritable disks (dual sided) 2 2/3 hours video
at the highest resolution.

Buy a power attachment that plugs into the cigarette lighter.

When shooting with a tripod. Use the remote to start and stop recording.
Eliminating the jiggle caused by hitting the on/off button.
The only time I went head to head with the old media I used my sky cam view
that showed them all UP. I recorded the whole event, they didn't. One candidate
desperately wanted to see what the other had said. Only I had it! I'll upload 2
of those videos.

The #1 and maybe the only reason for EDITING is to eliminate any criminal activity
captured. Do not incriminate yourself or others. There are 30,000+ laws in my home
province, so almost everything is illegal. You could explicitly prohibit: Law Officers
Officials and other prosecutorial Individuals from viewing or using the videos against
us. Everybody else OK.

If there is a beautiful sunrise, sunset or nice view; capture some of that before
and after the main subject. Beauty can look good at full zoom every time.

Take a Dog, Cat, Bird what ever along. They arn't camera shy and will provide you
with more video opportunities, than they will mess up. By far.

Announce the date and time instead of having it display on the video.
Remember who these videos are for. YOU. Dates are handy and can always be muted.

Be prepared for confrontations. Some people just won't like being videoed.
The WhiteCourt Mayor asked me not to video their regular meetings!
Newspaper and Radio OK??

Videoing in family pictures with commentary is far better than scans. Video in Books
or Web Site threads, for playback in slow-motion. Video in EVERYTHING, completely
ignoring the "quality" nasayers.

When videoing a stationary subject make the final scene a nice portrait. On some
video hosting players that view remains on the screen. It works.

Small file sizes (2 minutes or less) allow you to quickly upload your best to the web
hosting sites, People just love fresh video of events.

Keep the position of the sun in mind. But do shoot in any light conditions
you will be surprised at the night vision capabilities of todays equipment.

Don't forget about taking still pictures. Some people don't have high
speed internet.

Do not keep the camera STILL. When in a car, creep ahead slowly. Run after
that Dog, Cat or Grizzly Bear (maybe not) Move like a Weasel, snooping here,
looking there, circling this and that.

At a fastball tournament I was a few yards past first base. Had the pitcher nicely
framed. By just pointing my hand, I followed the windup and pitch, then beat
the ball to home. Catching the swing and any run to first or the play
on the ball. The big old cameras just could not do that.

Short video clips make it much faster when doing timeline playback.
If you are showing the last few seconds of a short video
It is much quicker than seeing the last few seconds of a very long clip.
All I do is hit the off button then switch it right back on. Simple and
quick. During critical action I don't mess with anything. Sometimes I'll
stop and start the video when I hear swear words. That way I just don't
play the last second or 2 from that video then on to the next one.

Video in screen displays, of the video segments you want to show and don't
let those video purists intimidate you for doing it. It's quick and DIRTY.
There is so much degradation when converting to Flash & the Net that you
won't notice much difference. Turn the auto focus off for this only.

I rename the video clips right after download. ie Vid00012_clip01.mpg
vid00012_clip02.mpg ... then vid00013 for the next day or disk side.
A quick note as to what is in the lot is enough for initial cataloging.
This list I use as a control on what videos I have backed up to DVD's.
I can do the more serious cataloging later. Don't catalogue or edit when
you can be shooting video. Backups are a MUST.

Nature video is about content, not framing, lighting or other nit picky details.
you will miss too many shots fi