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Thread: Need help capturing my DV to video disc.

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    Default Need help capturing my DV to video disc.

    Hi, I'm new to this game.
    I have had a DV Camcorder for about 6 months now and I have some footage that I wish to put on a disc so I can watch it on my DVD player.
    I only have a CD writer so it will have to be a VCD i create.
    I have Nero 5 and Roxio 5 on my laptop at the moment.
    I will buy a firewire card so I can connect my Camera to my Laptop.
    Can anyone suggest a software package that will let me capture my movies and compress/convert them ready to be burned to disc?

    Thanx Guys!!!

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    wow you joined a long time ago

    Anyway, you'll be able to do everything for free. First download DVIO from This will enable you to capture DV from your FireWire card.

    Second download TMPGenc from This will enable you to convert to MPEG1 VCD compliant video. There is no time limit for MPEG1 (30 days for MPEG2, but you don't need that for VCD).

    Finally, use Nero to create the file structure. I've even written a guide - C'est simple, eh?
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    Thanks Marc......yeah I joined a while ago.
    I got an iPod and have been getting used to that so now ive worked it out Im back to my DV Cam.
    Anyway I'll have a go at this and see how I get on.
    Many thanks!

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