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    How to sell DVD's?
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    You would be better off going to a replicator house where they can 'glass master' and replicate DVD's as these DVDs are much less likely to have compatibility issues with customers DVD players.

    It will also save you time.

    Most of these places will have a minimum order of 50 to 100 Disks.

    I don't think you can 'patent' a DVD because 1) it's expensive, and 2) it's already been done (Toshiba and Kees Immink own the technology I believe):-p . Copyright, on the other hand, would belong to you automatically if it's you're own creation. You'll need to learn the basic legal terms and applications if you're going to start a business.

    Good luck to you though!

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    Also, I know there is s/w around that will get around it but this 'glass master' process is the only way of getting any sort of copy protection onto the disk as well.

    Having said that though, I must coinfess that for a first run of 50 disks or so I would just burn them myself to order. once the demand picks up then get into replication properly.

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