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Thread: Help w Adding Effects to JUST vid2!

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    Unhappy Help w Adding Effects to JUST vid2!

    Ok, I need help again! And I know the solution is probably quite simple. So please tell me!

    Ok, so I have my video 1. The base. And I'm adding a small 3 second long video in video 2 and making it half transparent, sort of a ghost effect.

    So, what I'd like to do is go in the options and change the tilt and distance of VIDEO 2. But whenever I change tilt, distance, etc (Basic 3D perspective things) it takes BOTH vid1 and 2 and makes those changes. So for that 3 seconds in the video, the whole picture is tilted and distanced.

    HOW do I make sure I'm adding these effects JUST to video 2??? Yea, I selected it, and vid2 is the only one that's highlighted. I did it once before, now I have to do it again.

    Please help!! You guys all know your stuff!

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    It sounds like you may be in advertently applying the effect to both clips instead of just 1.

    However, I just tried doing that and couldn't manage it - I can only drag an effect onto one clip at a time.

    Could it be another need to render the footage?

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    Add the ghosted video to another new sequence and then add your basic 3d to that but not the opacity change.

    Then find that sequence in the project folder and drag it to the timeline above the other clip you want to mix it with and adjust the opacity.

    By doing this you are applying the basic 3d to the clip on a completely different timeline, so hopefully will cure your problems.
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    I actually just figured it out. I was doing it all perfect except for when I was changing the transparency. I made the Cutoff value more than the threshold value. So that made vid1 black. haha frig. I felt some stupid after I figured that out.

    But thanks a lot for the quick response and seeing what you could do for me!

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