I am a new member. I've been working on a picture slideshow with music of my daughter for her upcoming birthday party for about a month and a half.
I have Sony Vegas Movie Studio 6.0 running on Windows XP.

Yesterday I tried creating a dvd for the first time for this project. I successfully created another slideshow (about 7 minutes long) previously using Vegas MS.
This new project is about 14 minutes long.
The rendering process keeps hanging up around 62%. It takes about a half hour to get to 62% then it just hangs. I have to then cancel it and start over.

Does anyone one know why this might be happening ?

The pc I am using is directly connected to a router with another pc connecting to the router with a wireless connection.
Should I try disconnecting the router or closing down Norton Internet Security ?
Could something else running behind the scenes be causing the problem ?

Please help !