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Thread: problem with 16:9 on DVD

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    Hi, I'm doing my first movie using footage from a new 16:9 camera on ELements 1.0.
    I captured the footage in 16:9 and changed the presets so I've edited it in widescreen format. It looks fine on screen (full screen, not letter-boxed), and looks great in preview, but when I burn it, it chops off the sides and makes in 4:3 again. Anyone got any ideas why and how to fix it?


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    There will be transcode settings (possibly called presets) somewhere along the line. These are used to convert the video to DVD mpeg2, try and find these settings and check they are set to 16:9.

    look in preferences or in the dvd burning dialogue box.
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    Thanks - but it just got more complicated as I tried it on a friend's TV and it worked fine. go figure. i'm going to try and re-burn it and see if that worked. very strange. will also check all presets - i thought it must be in the burn process, but it doesn't offer me any burning options. sigh. thanks for your reply anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaym01 View Post
    Thanks - but it just got more complicated as I tried it on a friend's TV and it worked fine. go figure..
    In that case then I suggest you check the settings on your DVD player. You may have the display type set to 'Pan&Scan' or '4:3' insetad of '16:9 widescreen' which should do just as you describe. If your friend's player displays a full 16:9 image then the disk must be fine as clearly all the image is in there.

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    Yes of course you're 100% right - it was on pan & scan, that was the problem. i always assume the problem is me and Premiere, but I guess sometimes it's not! Thanks.

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