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    Default Premiere Pro - Grain/Scratchs

    Hey, I am new to the forum and not to sure if this goes here

    i am trying to create a 1970's Crime Scene, for my College Final Major Project.

    i just cant seem to get the right look that i am going for, I want it to have noise mixed with Burns Scratches and white lines.

    Ive been trying to create the effect myself but it just doesn't seem to happen, i have also tried looking for filters which i have found but they cost nearly $400.

    Would really like some advice or help on creating this effect/filter

    Many Thanks Stuu

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    to export it and edit using the windows movie maker, and apply the old movie effects, thats the easiest way to do it, but if you want creative looks then you have to use a plugin or you might want to use the Boris continuum if im not mistaken
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    I've never gone looking for one but I find it hard to believe Adobe Premiere does not come with some sort of 'dust & scratches' effect you can apply. Is there really not one there?

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    The bits you need are in the stylize effects folder. noise, strobe that kind of thing and I think there is a roll in the transition folder .

    A vignette to darken the edges is easy to produce in any image editor that supports transparent layers or the titler can be used in premiere pro.
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