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    taking impossibility to a whole new level

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    Nicely presented video Baluk. The studio shots were terrific, but the live shoots were mostly out of focus, which no doubt helps the magic no end.

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    Some really cool tricks in there, but I wasn't sure what was going on with the bullet/bang/paper one?

    Well presentend but looked a bit like a tv info-mercial

    here's one I made earlier

    edit... yes the sound is a bit poor when he's speaking, because the guy with the mic managed to turn it off for some reason durring that section :-/

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    OKso this is basically a showreel. I have done manymany MANY showreelsforactors, directors and many others. I started my career as an editor cutting showreels.

    I have a several comments that i hope you'll take into consideration which willtake this reel up a peg or two:

    #1, Loose the opening and closing Voice over. Its sounds really cheap and tacky. They are not needed and a text graphic is all that is needed.

    #2, Make it shorter. The reel could be 2 mins long and do the job. If you're looking at it as a promo then shorter is better. Maybe a more upbeat tune. You dont have to show the whole trick - jut the key parts and recactions will do.

    #3, I'd loose all the live stuff except the scene where the crowd laughs - it shows good crowd interaction.

    #4, On the final contact graphic shot i'd put aweb address and email aswell as the number and as i said beforeloose the Voice over. It jus makes it seem tacky.

    #5, I'd group all the quotes from clients at the end. it will make more ofan impression if they are all together and will leave the viewer remembering that people loved the performances - so u must be good.

    Good luck with it.

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