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Thread: Screen capture footage, how to retain quality?

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    Default Screen capture footage, how to retain quality?

    Hello, I'm not every experienced, which may be made clear by the following:

    I'm putting together a video presentation of a manufacturing operation. Included in this is some captured footage of a computer screen doing a simulation of the finished product(s). I captured this footage using Screen Recorder Pro, and the resulting footage looks just fine. The program captures it at true resolution so it is actually much larger than the 740x480 resolution that it ends up as.

    To resize I've used the right-click -> scale to frame size option in Adobe Premiere Pro 2. This is all just fine, until I encode the "finished" video. The footage from the capture looks horrible, although it improves when I deinterlace the frames...

    Simple question, is there any known trick to getting a better end result with this type of footage?


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    No one has any ideas? I would think it would have to be possible, since the original footage is actually BETTER quality (or at least resolution) then standard footage.

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    What is the resolution of the screen that you are capturing?

    I would guess its much higher than 740x480 (although I suspect you meant to say 640x480?).

    I suspect that your final output quality isn't being helped by the fact that you could be effectively shrinking something the size of a post card down to the size of a postage stamp.

    One workaround could be to set your screen resolution initially to a low resolution - 800x600 or lower. You will, of course, lose some desktop real estate, but the resulting output will less degraded.

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