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    Question film restoration offer...

    Hello everyone, I need some help here. I don't know if I got the right thread but anywayz anyone can help me out here. I would like to buy old movies way back 1960 or something. We are currently working on with a new website called film restoration and for a reason to make our samples, we would like to have old movies and restore it.

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    Let me get this straight and I ask this repsectfully. You're creating a web site for the purpose of selling your talent at restoring old movies and yet you have no old movies to 'practice' on. How do you know you're good enough at it to make money then?

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    You say you're looking for help, then don't say what you want help doing?

    I'm assuming you're on the scrounge for old film?
    Or maybe a telecine service?
    Maybe tips on the restoration techniques?

    Hell, let's go the whole hog and set the business up for you....

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    HI, I have an archive of about 3 - 400 16mm short films on 16mm. these are old education films and are about all kinds of subjects. They are on 400', 800', 1200' and 1600' reels. I am selling all the time on ebay under the seller id kinofilmfest. Just search items for sale by myseller id and you will find all my listings. If you want to contact me direct - as I don;t check the foum too often - then email me at

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