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Thread: Newbie here, just saying hello

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    Default Newbie here, just saying hello

    Hi Everyone,

    This is strange, I'm on here at the same time using two different usernames. I don't know how though.

    Anyway, I'm from a small media production company that concentrates on motorsport. We kicked off in 2005 and haven't looked back since and are called Treble2.

    Treble - Two: Automotive Media Specialists

    I hope that I can learn a heck of a lot more stuff and little tricks and tips that you guys may have.

    Feel free to say hello whilst I find my around this site.

    Also, i've never had to tell a forum what computers we use.


    edit: why the hell have I got windows movie maker under my name, that sucks man, esp for a Mac user lol.
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    Hi treble2... newbie here too. Looks like a useful forum.

    I do some freelance video production from time to time, but came here to get some advice on a good set up for my main job. Trying to get them out of the dark ages and do more in-house video work.


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    oh yeah, what's your main job?

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    We hold a lot of conferences, but get outside people in to film and author. I want more creative freedom to author DVDs and CD-ROMs of the events. At the moment I'm limited to encoding mpeg files and uploading wmv files as webcasts. Boring as hell! I reckon we can lower costs by having me do more work in-house... namely editing and any post-production, author the DVDs or produce CD-ROMs... rather than paying stupid money getting others to do it.

    I'm just frustrated because I'm very limited in what i can do and the say I have. I work mainly on the company's web site, so am probably being unrealistic expecting any more. But my line manager has said he'd take into account any request I make for equipment and software, provided I can back it all up.

    Early days just yet, but will give it a go over the coming months. Too much bureaucracy there for my liking though!

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    Looks like an interesting site! I'm a newbie aswell how are you finding this site?

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