I have purchased a Button Camera with an audio video recorder, DF-818 (an MP4 Player) from e-Bay.

The camera resolution is 382 lines and the DVR records on a ASF format. The LCD is 2.5 480 x 234 dot, is that the resolution the video is stored at?

It all works fine, but when you view on a standard TV the image is poor, very white.

I cannot find any more info about this recorder and would like to know if the Firmware can be updated or the image improved. They are no options in any of the Menu options, they are quite basic.

The image on the LCD is very good, just poor on the TV.

I did a search and a Mustek looks a likely option, as this recorder has 128MB internal storage and an option for 1GB SD. Made in P.R.C. is the only other clue.

Any suggestions,