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    Here's a short film I shot over 2 weeks just to show some of my narrative work. It is somewhat raunchy in language, but not nudity or anything so keep the younger children away though it is about the tooth fairy quitting his job.

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    I haven't laughed so much in ages!

    I liked the humour, the pace was good, the camerawork worked and the editing nicely done.

    Don't take the next bit personally please! My only negative observations are the lighting could occasionally be improved and the sound is sometimes muffled. I know that it's a no-budget scenario and I think that you've done really well with what you have. With a bit more attention paid to sound & light, you could have made a very good video into a brilliant video.

    Nice one!

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    Exceptional stuff! - beautifully filmed and edited with style and a great pace to it. Taking the viewer from high drama to comic cuts pretty flawlesly.
    The scriptwriter has a great future.
    My only minor crib and it's probably UTube's conversion is the lip sync seemed ever so slightly out. Great job!

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