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    Hey hey. Im new to the forum but have posted elsewhere. Just wanted to toss up this video for you guys to critique. It was for a project for class being a 1 minute movie/promo/commerical. Im happy with the feel of it because it's for a skateboard video I've been workin on for 8 years and it's become more of a documentary of what it is to grow up with a certain group of people and bond threw an activity, in this case skateboarding. Let me know what you think, i'm going to re-cut something with a little bit better timing on transitions and such but i did it the night before it was due and am pretty happy with it. (sorry for the novel).

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    good stuff.

    Its hard to be objective about these types of videos casue it seems everyone and their uncles are making skater/moto-x videos and expecting people to praise their genius originality which most of the time is non existant. This video while is not the most original, is very good.

    For re-producing a skate vid you get top marks as it had all the bits one would expect. The footage and edit were spot on.

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    I thought the slowed down bit with the board on the bench looked good. Some more of those effects and less fades to black would have made the film better, in my opinion.

    I enjoyed watching it.

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    That is one of the few skateboard videos I've enjoyed right the way through.

    Videos should entertain or inform, yours ticked both the boxes. Any longer and it would have started to get a bit boring, any shorter and the message wouldn't have come across. Well done.

    (I must also admit that I'm not a fan of too many "fades to black" and they're very much the "in" effect at the moment, but that's just a small niggle on my part.)

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    that was ace - nice job.

    the panning shot of the slide down the hand rail by the steps after about 28 seconds is mint.

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    well, i thought it was edited well, the sound mix could be alot better. it got a bit sloppy towards the end, and i also thought, the simulated bj shot cheapened it. that one shot changed the whole feel of it, and for the worst. the video was good enough with out that shot, i understand you were showing somthing funny, but it just seemed misplaced.

    overall though, good work
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    Quote Originally Posted by James Barrett View Post
    ....about 28 seconds is mint.
    lol- not heard anyone say mint in quite some time!

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    Default sound advice fade away

    good video let down by a poor sound mix, unless it was due to the youtube transcoding I found myself ramping up the volume to hear what was being said, and the noise of the skate stunts too loud, I believe that a little control in the sound department is what can make a video really stand out, there is so many videos with poor sound..and sound is very important.

    otherwise a nice skaters video, had a personal touch, sort of reminded me of a movie trailer to a feature with all those fade to blacks...

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