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Thread: Stop motion

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    Default Stop motion

    Just finished it today. It took about a week to make but I like it. Tell me what you think and what your feedback is. Thank you!

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    It's cool,

    The one thing that I'm going to say, is that there's too much of a jump in the movements between each frame, which sometimes caused a bit of confusion, especialy when the camera was panning. You just need to keep the movements a bit smoother (more frames please) IMHO.

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    Ok... remembering that this is a critique and not a personal attack on your good self....

    It's far, far too jerky. Mosh is correct, you need many more frames to make it flow smoothly. Story wise it left me confused. Was there one?

    I know stop motion is very time consuming, but I guess you need to spend even more time at it. There's lots of Lego men vids of this type about to get inspiration and pointers from, have a look at those and compare yours to theirs.

    Have another go and post your next effort!

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    Havent seen the film - link not wking at present for me.

    I am no animator but I wonder if a feature in vegas, if you have it or know someone with it, can smooth things out - it's called 'supersampling' and I believe it aims to 'tween' for you.

    Maybe your editor has something similar ?

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    Well my editor is nothing like Vegas, mine just has basic editing stuff. I once downloaded Vegas and didn't know where to start becuase it is so complex. And, I dont want to pay 500 bucks for an editing program
    Ya this was a school assignment and the teacher didn't care if it was choppy, this is probably going to be the least choppy movie from the whole class. This movie was .45 seconds per frame
    So ya, I will try and make another one thats more smooth. I know that normally movies are 30fps, but how much fps do u think I need to make it look smooth enough?
    Oh and by the way here is the storyline of this movie:
    Bob is a builder and builds a robot named Phil. Phil steps on and kills Bob. Then a police woman comes to try and take Phil down, but she is killed by Bob too. (One thing people don't notice is that the police woman disappears--hehe) and then a Police boat comes, driven by a crazy guy on a camel. The people and the crazy guy disassemble the robot, then they get back in the boat and drive off, forgetting the camel guy. The camel guy then gets bucked off the camel and is laying under a tree.

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    Some animations get away with 10 moves per second but I suspect that's a bit much for a school project. Stop-frame is a lot of work but two moves a second is far too little, you need to double that, at least. Perhaps you should spend a bit more time planning the moves and can "cheat" a bit.
    Instead of moving objects frame by frame, some things (like the boat) can be pulled by a piece of thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by FryMaster8 View Post
    then a Police boat comes, driven by a crazy guy on a camel.
    Aaaah, that explains a lot.

    Good luck with future projects, Respect, I know that I don't have the patience to do it!
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    As the guys have said there needs to be more frames animating.

    If you seethis video i did a while back the mouse was averaging 4-7 frames (positions) per second on its motion.

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    I agree with all the comments made about jerkiness...but I take my hat off to you for your perseverance.

    It makes me wonder how long it took for this one to be made (one of my favorite 'Lego' videos):

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    Default not your average lego

    good choice of music, i believe block videos can have block type editing, this seems to be the norm on many lego animations, and if I could say maybe these jumps can be thought of as a bump edit...time compression....

    or maybe the others are right, anyway well done, seemed to be in focus..

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    Default New stop motions

    Alright I tried making another stop motion with better flow. These have 15fps and are less jerky. The only thing is that it was filmed on a 5 year old webcam (quality sucks) and the program i used was free off There are two or three frames I want to take out because my hand is in it but I haven't had the time to do so yet. Welp Let me know what you think
    Pimp My Ride LEGO style stop motion - Google Video

    LEGO Stop Motion At a bank - Google Video

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