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    OK!!! First things first.....

    I came on here for help and not to be slagged off about a subject i'm new to.

    OK my video isn't up to your god like standards, but instead of trying to belittle me with harsh comments and a comment that went on forever. I would have appreciated it more with some constructive tips on how to work through my problems.

    My video work may not be the best, but I know its not the worst and for a guy who is self taught and only using a sony home camcorder I think I've done ok.

    As for it being a tacky glamour shoot video for a crappy mag....Well if you would have listen to clair instead of masterbating over her then you might have realised it was for a DVD that I make called "The Clubbers Experience" which sells in shops like HMV etc (Click On The Links) and I've just sold my 7,029th copy of part five......(So that means all those people buy my DVD's because of the bad light, Crappy Back Grounds, Tacky Footage, Bad Sound Quality...mmmm)


    Twoc Records

    Your comments where Unhelpful & unwanted........Its like you coming onto a music forum and saying this is a track I have done any feed back would be appreciated and me coming on saying ......its shit bla bla bla.......How does that help anyone? It wouldn't help you at all and it wouldn't make me very popular. Yet because I most probably have more experience in making music than you, does that give me a right to slag you off to the world when all you want is a bit of advice ...Of Course not.

    So before you start....I Know theres problems with my camera work and thats why I'm here, But you have a problem with attitude and unfortunatly so are you.

    So unless you have anything constructive to say then don't bother answering my posts unless its with an apology for being a prick.

    As for the rest of the Guys......Thank you for your comments and I'll try and take on board what you have said but some ideas on how to achieve some of these things would be helpful....Cheers

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    What is your problem gazza?

    Did you actually read what I said? I suspect not.

    Nowhere did I say "crappy mag". Since your model talked about a "cover shoot" (DVD doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere) I assumed that it was a magazine. Nowhere have I commented on the "magazine" because (as I pointed out) we see her being photographed but we never see the pictures.

    This is a video makers forum, do I need to spell it out? People post their videos here for criticism.
    If you just want to publicise your DVDs then place your link in the "Pimp the link" section. Your video is a blatant plug for your product. It is an advert and, as such, will be judged and compared to other adverts. Not difficult is it?

    I gave a list of things you could do to improve your videomaking. As you admitted your video work is not the best, in fact it's far worse than most of those who come onto this forum. I gave you a list of things which I found "wrong" with your attempt. If you don't agree, then fine.
    You're right, you don't come up to my "God-like" standards and, as long as you frame badly, record poor sound, ignore basic lighting techniques etc... you won't.

    As for the sexual references in your post, I think they say a lot more about your hang-ups than they do about me...

    So you've sold 7,000 copies of this two minute video of Claire have you... really?
    Or are you talking about another video?

    You claim to be a "Newby" and then boast about how many DVDs you've sold. Make your mind up.

    Finally, your post said "Feedback welcome." obviously what you really meant was "Praise welcome".

    EDIT: For those who haven't read my comments about Gazza's video, here they are...

    The video is a publicity video for a magazine. In other words a commercial production and, as such, needs to be treated as a professional advert. The fact that the video is totally out of sync near the beginning is not good, it needs to be sorted. No excuses.

    We never really find out what it's all about (okay it's about using youtube to sell a magazine and a pair of boobs to get punters to view your advert in the first place) but what is the video saying? Why is the girl there? She mentions some sort of competition, what? where? when? who organised it, what did she win? how did she win?

    The interview with the "model" looks and sounds awful. The lighting doesn't do her any favours, the sound is quite muffled and she is framed with much too much headroom. A prominant cleavage alone does not a good composition make.

    We see her moving in front of a photographer, but we never see any of the photographs. Were pictures actually taken? Or was it just an excuse to get her to move around in a bikini? If it was a genuine photo shoot, it would be nice if we could see the results.

    Finally, we learn nothing about her at all. All her comments are to publicise the magazine and get girls to pose for the cover.

    As such, we can only assume that it's just an advert for the mag, in whch case it looks very cheap and tacky. If it's supposed to be a "documentary" then there's a total lack of information. If it's just a music video with a bit of totty, then the camerawork, editing and lighting isn't up to scratch.

    She does seem like a nice girl though, and I hope she makes a success as a model, actress, whatever.
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    Why Attack Guru? What dose this accomplish? I would have said basicly the same thing. The only reason I didn't was he said it first. He said nothing wrong, just pointed out what needed to be worked on. It gets pretty old having new people come on here thinking they are doing "US" a favor by showing their work. If all you want is praise then show it to your friends. Think about this though. If you went out in public with a messy shirt and you "Friends" said nothing, are they really friends. Same thing with video. So befor you rant like a child. Sit back and think. What is said here is to help not to hinder. If all we said was, "good video" "nice job" ec... what do you learn? NOTHING!!!

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    I have deleted the other version of this thread, hope thats ok with everyone.

    I have also locked this thread for the following reasons....

    It is not a film posted for feedback.
    It is silly.

    I also have to say that I thought the feedback posted for the film in question was apposite and helpful.

    Please could we all remember that this section is for feedback, not praise and adulation alone - feedback is no help unless it points out areas where work can be improved.

    Can I suggest that indignant reactions to feedback be posted as a PM, that seems more appropriate to me.


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