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    Hi, I am a complete newcomer to DVD creation, so being very ignorant I set to with 'Power Director' to transfer my VHS copy of the 1987 FA Cup Final to DVD. It runs to 2hours 32mins, so being stupid I used my calculator and after capturing to hard disc in MPG2 format I decided to use 2.4megabit sampling rate for video. Of course this wont work but I now have the whole Cup Final on one 4.7gig DVD. What have I done wrong. The quality is not perfect but it IS acceptable. best wishes, John Baker.

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    2.5 hours is a lot of video for a single layered DVD. Unfortunately you're not going to get the best looking video ever created as you'll have to use various techniques to get smaller file sizes.

    First off, you should be using a Variable Bitrate (VBR). You could also push the maximum bitrate up a bit from 2.4 and encode the audio as MPEG1 layer 2 if you haven't already. This will allow you to increase the video bitrate as the overall bitrate will fall.

    You could also play around with the I, P and B frame settings. This lets you set how heavily the video is compressed by deciding how frames "key" frames and "predicted" frames you have.

    It would also probably be wise to use an altenrative to Power Director to encode...

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    Default squeezing video

    Thanks Mark. As I said, I'm a complete beginner at this lark, but the DVD I produced is quite resonable quality. Unfortunately I do not know what I,P and B frame settings are and looking on Power Director I can't find any reference to these. Also what is mpeg1 layer 2? As far as I know, there are no 'key' frames just a simple straight through play of this Cup Final. I am fairly satisfied with the overall result, but if you can recommend a suitable book aimed at idiots like me I would be very grateful. cheers, John Baker.
    P.S. Sorry, I've just read your 'sticky' again and this answered the above points, but I would still appreciate your recommendation for a beginners book! John.

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    I don't really know of any books I could recommend. Most of my knowledge has been gained through trial and, in the main part, error. You'll probably gain more info from reading through the forums, my site, and the links provided than through buying a book.

    Part 2 of that sticky is also LONG overdue and I shall be spending some time on this over the weekend now I've completed the process of moving to my new host.

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