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Thread: Help required with choosing video equipment

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    Default Help required with choosing video equipment


    I am brand new to this forum and would like some advice please?

    Although I have no experience I would like to be able to video a happening say in a hall. To set the scene this could be an amateur dramatic production, a presentation evening or whatever. I would have a couple of video cameras - on pointing at the stage, the other at the audience. What I want to do is to be able to switch between the stage and the audience and show it on a large video screen (or tv if you like) so the audience have the choice of watching the screen as well as the stage.

    Now as I am only learning at the moment I only want to buy inexpensive equipment to experiment with. I can supply the video cameras (mini dv) and the 'tv' but am getting very confused as to which hardware will connect it all together. I may also like to record the happenings on a video recorder

    I have seen quad processors, digital switchers, video mixers etc but don't know which piece of kit I should get. I presume I would need S Video inputs etc but really dont know anything about it.

    As I say I dont want to buy expensive equipment until I learn the principles of how it all works.

    Can anyone advise in any way please?


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    easist way (from my understanding) is take a feed out of the cameras and put them into a video mixer, with that you can switch between a number of camera, use differnt transistions and do all kinds of fancy things- depending on the type of mixer you get. from there take a output feed into the TV or projector and your away laughing

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