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    After reviewing some videos, i thought id put myself in front of the lions aka mr guru lol

    This video was filmed with two cameas at a gig.

    MySpace Videos: test footage by Simondo

    i hope you enjoy

    all criticsm will be welcomed, even a bit of bullying
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    yeah its pretty good. im not one for lots of different effects and wipes but at least you didnt go crazy with them.
    i like the simple blue tone i think that works well but i would have been tempted to add a little more contrast to lift it a tad.

    the lad can certainly play!

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    The lion growls...

    Actually I liked it, the sound was particularly good, something not that easy with a moving acoustic guitar. The monochrome blue effect fitted quite well (for me blue normally screams "Jazz" or "blues" but it worked in this case) although, as komatoast says, the contrast was a bit flat.

    What's obvious is that the two cameramen are of different standards. At the risk of upsetting you (not knowing which camera you were on), the camera slightly to side of the stage was good, nice framing and smooth movements. The camera in the middle wasn't quite up to the job. Focus was lost a few times, the framing sometimes a bit shakey and the horizon tilted alarmingly on occasions.

    Editing was probably very difficult because it seems that both cameras often had the same composition. In future it's worth giving each camera an area to play with. Usually, for a soloist, the frontal camera does the range from ultra close up ( just the face) to mid close up (head and shoulders) whilst the 3/4 camera does the mid & long shots and ultra close ups on the instruments (if possible). If there's some way of communication between the cameras then this system isn't needed but, to avoid identical shots, it's worth doing this in future projects.

    There.. that didn't hurt much did it?

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    it didnt hurt at all, especially when it was me who did the good camera work!

    the contrast does look better on my master than on the upload. overall i am happy with it, the sound was took from one source, matching the visual up was tricky, but in the end it workd out.

    action camera lights

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    it is well edited - in sync with the guitar within both angles. The only critism I have with it is that you was using, if you like, cheesy transitions, which I dont think we're necessary in any shape or form. The transition for example which cuts from one camera to another was not needed and I think spolied the whole atmosphere and drama of the film as a whole.

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