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    hi. i'm a high school football coach trying to edit football game film through windows movie maker. basically what i'm trying to do, is make individual clips of each offensive play that we run. does anyone have any information on how to do this?



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    You don't say what stage you are at or ypur experience so lets assume you have your footage captured in to MM and the centre collections screen is full of little clips.

    Across the bottom is a storyboard or timeline, make sure this is set to timeline by using the button just above the storyboard on the lefthand side. You should now have 3 tracks going across the screen 1Video - 2Audio/Music - 3Title Overlay

    find the clip you want in the collections window and drag it to the timeline, once it is there it can be trimmed by dragging the ends to the point you wish or you find the cut point by dragging the cursor along the time bar at the top of the timeline and use the split tool which is situated under the video preview window on the righthand side. Drag the different clips on the timeline together so there are no spaces and then use the options down the lefthand side column to add titles and effects.

    When you are happy with video click save to my computer in the left column to save the completed movie to a single file.

    After saving, goto file save project as and give it a name. Then delete the clips on the timeline and make another video, when that is finished goto file save project as and give it a different name to the first and so on until you have all the clips you want. As long as all the captured footage stays on the machine you will be able to open any of the projects and make adjustments later if you wish. The video will have to "save to my computer" again for the new changes to be included.
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    Thank you. Your input was very helpful.

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