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    pretty good for armature, dont you think?

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    it was ok, it was very rough around the edges. the sound mix could of been much better. the cutting was good and you used some good effects that were not to intrusive. the last shot of you getting the goal could of been more inventive. but overall not bad i would say 7/10
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    This was very good and well put together. The sound was the only thing letting you down. The voice sounded as if you were in a dustbin. If you sort that then i think you have a very good video
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    Ive gotta agree with FNG and thedigitalpunkz.
    It's certainly a very good standard for an amateur (or even an armature) . I liked it, not exactly original but well edited and interesting to watch, some nice camerawork yet somehow it lacked that "bling" factor.
    Some good stuff, in my opinion the ending needed to be much more spectacular (you need a climax, the final shot is quite weak which is a pity because you remember the ending and forget some of the really good footage which went before) and the sound is bloody awful.

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    I had to rewatch it several times to understand what was being said.

    I assume that the sentiment behind the words has nothing to do with basketball? They refer to something more fundamental about the person's attitude to life, for example?

    "I'm a shot-taker. I shoot without regrets, without remorse..." I couldn't imagine any basketball player shooting baskets with regrets or remorse....

    Do the words refer to your outlook on making videos instead?

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