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Thread: Quality Of Burned Dvd Home Movies

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    Question Quality Of Burned Dvd Home Movies

    I have recorded movies on a Panasonic PV-GS59 mini DV camera bought in USA i.e records in NTSC. Downloading onto hard disc and editing using Sonic MyDVD Plus on my HP Media Centre (software supports NTSC and PAL) gives good results when played back on the computer screen from the hard disc. But when I burn a DVD and play this on a standard DVD player through a PAL television the quality is much poorer and jerky even though the recording standard was set at the highest (HQ) level. Is this a result of the NTSC - PAL transition or can it be solved by 1) using the Firewire port instead of the USB 2.0 port which the documentation states should be used with the Sonic software, or 2) Buying different download and editing software?

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    You have pretty much answered your own question.

    Try a capture with windows movie maker and the firewire connection. When mm asks for the capture settings make sure tick the show more settings option and choose DV-AVI from the drop down list.

    Make a few edits and save the movie as DV-AVI and then take this file into sonic to transcode for DVD.

    You should see a big improvement even with the ntsc to pal conversion. Most pal players can playback ntsc so conversion during editing may not be required.
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    Thank you very much. I shall give this a go. I much appreciate your advice.


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    I had a similar problem.
    I've got a panasonic gs300 (which, as a first camera does the job quite nicely).
    I made the mistake of transferring video to the compute using the USB cable. Funny enough though, when the final product (on DVD) was played on my tube TV the picture was pretty average (especially when panning-there'd be horizontal streaks!- bit hard to describe). However on the parents big HD TV it looked OK!!

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