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Thread: Newbie Video....Feed back appreciated

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    Default Newbie Video....Feed back appreciated

    This is a video I made to go along with our DVD/Cd pack showing the talents of our cover girl clair.

    Not sure why it goes out of lip sync at the beginning because it dosn't do it on the DVD, but I've had about 35,000 hits on it so far.

    Any feed back would be appreciated because like I said I'm new to this and I only have a normal sony home camcorder......(Trying to save up for a pro one)

    Anyway Enjoy & thanks for reading

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    Your video has had 35,000 hits because it's in the adult section and shows an almost-topless photo shoot.

    Hi Gazza, I'm not too sure about this because it's not really one thing nor another.

    As a glamour video it's average in that it shows too little skin to be erotic although the "model" is pretty, with a nice body but zero personality. As a "making of a photoshoot" it's very poor because it tells us nothing about the photo shoot, techniques, lighting, in fact we end up after the video non the wiser. The camerawork is uninspired and the whole video lives from the fact that it features a pretty girl wearing very little. The videography is very basic, badly exposed and framed. It would be better if it weren't for the constant plugs for "Clubbers Experience volume 5 " and the text at the end blotting out the interesting bit... ah but that's the purpose of the video isn't it?

    Bearing in mind that this forum is about videomaking and editing (not about cheap glamour) your video was very poorly made, poorly lit, edited sloppily and generaly below par. Claire is, however, very attractive and a bit of eye-candy is always welcome.

    but then (being honest) it's just a way of getting publicity for the magazine anyway isn't it?

    Anyway, some feedback.

    The video is a publicity video for a magazine. In other words a commercial production and, as such, needs to be treated as a professional advert. The fact that the video is totally out of sync near the beginning is not good, it needs to be sorted. No excuses.

    We never really find out what it's all about (okay it's about using youtube to sell a magazine and a pair of boobs to get punters to view your advert in the first place) but what is the video saying? Why is the girl there? She mentions some sort of competition, what? where? when? who organised it, what did she win? how did she win?

    The interview with the "model" looks and sounds awful. The lighting doesn't do her any favours, the sound is quite muffled and she is framed with much too much headroom. A prominant cleavage alone does not a good composition make.

    We see her moving in front of a photographer, but we never see any of the photographs. Were pictures actually taken? Or was it just an excuse to get her to move around in a bikini? If it was a genuine photo shoot, it would be nice if we could see the results.

    Finally, we learn nothing about her at all. All her comments are to publicise the magazine and get girls to pose for the cover.

    As such, we can only assume that it's just an advert for the mag, in whch case it looks very cheap and tacky. If it's supposed to be a "documentary" then there's a total lack of information. If it's just a music video with a bit of totty, then the camerawork, editing and lighting isn't up to scratch.

    She does seem like a nice girl though, and I hope she makes a success as a model, actress, whatever.
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    i think your review is a bit harsh. i agreee it is not very profesional, but i have seen that standard of editing on channel 5. the sound mix was good, the model does look nice. overall i have seen alot worse but also alot better 4/10
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    I agree, I've also seen a lot worse. You give it 4 out of 10, seems fair to me, I'd go along with that. I just think that there are a lot of poor parts in the video which needn't be there and can be easily improved.
    You're right, the model is nice but the lighting isn't, it makes her look a bit chubby, accentuates her facial lines and lacks sparkle in her eyes. If you're lighting a model, it's almost a "duty" to make her look her best and the lighting in this video fails to do that.
    I disagree about the sound though, it isn't good. You can understand what she says but the quality of her voice is quite "muddy", something which should have been noticed, and corrected, during the recording.

    Edit: I also agree that I was harsh. Since this video has a commercial purpose (to make us buy the magazine, or to get models for the cover) then it's fair to be more critical than if it were an "amateur" or "just for fun" production.
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    Guru you know what the problem with her voice is, she is a scoucer and no amount of post with get rid of that problem!!
    And also gazza, this is no newbie video. If it was a newbie video you would not be selling it. You obviously has studied and know alot more than a newb. I think your main motivation for putting this here is to advertise. This place is not for that.
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    whats wrong with scousers"!
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    it was very boring and very men and motors... no skills on the production front, just a girlie with big chebs.

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    I agree with everyone else.

    For a while I was cutting alot of videos for Ministry of Sound that had been shot like this. It is difficult if your material is poor but in the edit learn to use the colour curves and brightness & contrast tools whichj will bring some vibrancy to the video.

    Make it snappier. - Shorten it down and cut a little tighter also

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    have to agree with whats been said...especially about the hits....what did you really expect using tags like

    fhm loaded wigan pier maximes rave playboy sex nude bouncy house scouse

    let me think....does bouncy apply to the music ;0

    would like to hear more about your kit and editing software etc

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    Default agree with guru..hits..?

    I was just waiting for a wardrobe malfunction, and although quite a hammering I agree with all the Guru has said above..well someone had to say it.

    About youtube, hits can be easily manipulated by automated page loaders, to me what really counts on youtube is user comments, and subscribers, thats a much better way to really see just who this video is attracting and the video networking becomes exposed, so please enable your comments, then tell us when you have 1000.. unless all you are doing is selling your wares.

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