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Thread: 35mm adapter (go35pro) for sale

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    Default 35mm adapter (go35pro) for sale----Sold


    Hi all,

    I'm selling my 35mm adapter (go35pro) for 500euros. I have paid 710 euros for it( Product,Shipping & tax)
    Paypal acceptable or bank transfer.I am a certified paypal account holder.
    Insured and registered Shipping to certified paypal addresses only(20euros with E.U).The item is in Germany Munich.
    Self pickup is welcome.

    For more infomation and picture of this adapter, please go here.

    35mm camera adapter for sale (Go35Pro) - Toytown Germany

    contact at :

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    here is a picture of the adapter.The adapter works with most DV Camera lens thread from 37mm to 82mm.
    You need to buy a adapter ring if your camera lens thread is bigger or smaller than 55mm.

    This is a test footage shot on a XL2 with the beta go35 :
    or here for a dvx100a test footage:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Item has been sold.....

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