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Thread: video/audio and after effect tips video

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    Default video/audio and after effect tips video

    Here is a 'how to' video which will hopefully give some insights into many aspects of video production, especially tips on audio and after effects, this is the third in a series of videos, I feel it has helpful tips for people using these forums..

    And your comments on this videos production are welcome, bring it on.

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    Gobsmacked mate.

    Having been rogered for being to harsh in criticising someone else's video, I'm gonna praise yours to the skies! Now, I have absolutely zero experience in stop-frame or model work so It might be a lot easier than it looks... but I doubt it. Excellent "how to" video Leo, makes me want to buy a train set, a box of fireworks and have a go.

    Liked the voice-over too. Informative without being condescending.

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    Guru, I understand all about being rogered on these forums, about two months ago I was abused for just putting up a video on these forums and inviting people to watch..I did talk it up to gather interest, and that was my crime.

    And for me it was the very beginning of my visit here, so at least I had a good dose of what to expect.

    This is a great forum, its active, has good advice, shows the good with the bad, and covers many different tastes.

    My aim is to show people in a very simple way their net videos can be (with a little bit of homework) made into much better productions. Of note I would point my finger at the thousands of model train layout videos which are like shakey roving helicopter shots. On the other hand there are some on the net which just blow you away, they have real train sounds stripped in, and are shot in a way which totally fools the viewer, although the lack of depth of field usually gives it away.

    But I am not a train fan, I just like video....and bombs..heeeee.

    Thankyou Guru for taking the time to view my video.


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