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    I am blown away why the file size is turning out soo big... I put together a movie of just gaming clips, didn't add any audio, transitions, effects, anything; just clips about 15-20 seconds long. Compiling to about 3:00 total and the file is 100MB? I've seen movies of the same sort (gaming) that are 15/20 mins long and are only 200-300 MB, and that's including a lot of audio/special effects/etc.

    Here are some ss of my vegas setup...

    Project Properties Video:

    Project Properties Audio:

    Project Properties Ruler (if that has anything to do with this):

    Render Settings:

    Render Settings Project:

    Render Settings Audio:

    Render Settings Video:

    thanks for any help in advance... =D

    edit: i looked up settings for popular gaming video creators and those r the settings they use or very similar.
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    This guide should give you the info you need,

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