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Thread: New here, here's a few of my vids

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    Default New here, here's a few of my vids

    Hi everyone, I'm new and I found this forum while browsing for different video editing forums. I'm a huge figure skating fan and am a moderator at, which is where I get all of my video files from. I've been making these for two years now (I've made about 16), it's my biggest hobby and I absolutely love it. I use Ulead Video Studio 10, I'd love to hear what you guys think of my vids!

    My first one is a preview for the Ice Dance competition that happened last week at the World Championships in Tokyo Japan, the music is from the Amelie soundtrack.

    This one profiles the different struggles the skaters had to go through at the 2006 Olympics, the music is "Hope" by Apocalpytica

    This one is my most "out there" theme wise, the skaters in this one are statues that come to life, and their movements change the weather, bring nature to life, change night and day, before they turn back into statues at the end. This isn't my most professional looking one, I used Windows Movie Maker to make it. Music is "The Mummers Dance" by Loreena McKennit

    Thanks for watching
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