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Thread: Trouble with Sony TRV245

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    I have recently connected to broadband using a USB. Once connected the PC upgraded to Windows XP service pack 2. Since then I have been unble to get the PC to recognise the Camcorder.

    I have tried re-installing the sony drivers, unplugged the broadband USB cable, deleted the drivers and tried again - but no luck.

    Has anyone any ideas?

    Sony have not replied to my query.


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    Sony seem never to get back to me lol.
    anyway the problem is with windows. make sure you do the new updates, this problem has also made some usb keys not work and printers not to be found. the service pack 2 has updated your drivers to USB 2.0 but goto the windows home page and there is a bit about this problem (well there was and i hope it is still there).
    once you make sure you have done all the updates take a look into your Device manger to see if any drivers are missing, there should be none.

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